Sneak Peek: Status Bars & Damage Graphics

I've added some much needed status bars, so you can see what's going on with your jet. More specifically, health (red), fuel (blue), and energy (green).

Health works as you'd expect.

Fuel lasts a while, so don't worry about having to refuel constantly. Its purpose (besides basic realism) is to anchor you to air bases, and provide a little strategy in how much throttle you use (higher throttle uses more fuel). Running out of fuel isn't a death sentence, as long as you can glide back to your air base.

Energy is required to fire your weapon. It depletes quickly, but recharges in a matter of seconds.

I've also added dynamic visual damage to the jet. Well, "dynamic" is a strong word for a simple texture blend. I may implement truly dynamic decals at some point, but this solution has almost zero graphical overhead, and it does what it's supposed to.

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